Stratasoft is an acknowledged leader in call center software and technology development with a comprehensive patent portfolio that includes predictive dialing, predictive dialing algorithms, contact center database management, contact center campaign scripting and contact center management systems.

The Stratasoft product suite consists of call center software solutions including the multi-award winning StrataDial®.VC2™ Virtual Call Center. StrataDial®.VC2™ consists of an open and highly flexible architecture which includes an advanced predictive dialer, robust inbound ACD, IVR, call blending, custom script designer, web collaboration and home-based call center agent technology. StrataDial®.VC2™ supports the latest VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology and utilizes SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) technology for remote agents.

StrataVoice® is a voice broadcasting automatic dialer which consists of advanced inbound IVR functionality, SAPI-enabled Text-to-Speech (TTS), database independent architecture and unrivaled expandability and scalability.

Stratasoft has always partnered with accepted industry standard call center software and technology leaders. Their open framework solutions are based on widely accepted Microsoft® Windows® software standards and Intel® Dialogic® telephony and advanced call processing hardware boards.

Stratasoft’s fundamental commitment is to continuously develop pioneering, customer driven call center software solutions that preserve an unrivaled balance of flexibility, functionality and affordability.